Violent Video Games

Who is to blame for the Violent shooting and killing of innocent Children and Adults across America?

In every single case the seeds of the shootings began in the teenagers room watching hours and hours of very violent video war games where they could shoot and kill and murder hundreds of so called terrorist in a few seconds. Where is the root of this action formed? It is formed in Hollywood. In 2011 the Hollywood video industry sold over $17 billion dollars’ worth of violent video games!

According to a Canadian College study, violent videos games make teenagers violent. If those teenagers are bullied in school. How do they get their revenge on their fellow students? In their minds eye they kill them on the video screen. But some take that concept much farther by planning the killing at the schools.

They get excited by the planning of this event. Their names will be in the newspapers! Inside the computer screen the teen sees the world as real not artificial. Over the last 15 years in every case, these kids were watching these violent video games on their computers! Cases in point; Paducah, KY, Springfield,OR, Littleton, CO, Norway, and now Sandy Hook in CT. These teens had been on their computers day and night.

A few years ago right here at Plymouth Whitemarsh high school a student was going to do the same thing but to pull it off he needed a friend. That friend told his Dad and the Dad call the police and that saved the day! The child's Mother had purchased her son the rifle and the shells. She never went into his room because he had a sign that said, PRIVATE, DO NOT ENTER! When your child starts to pay you rent for that room, that's when you give them the right to place a sign like that on their door!

The Mother served time in prison. She is lucky that the plot was discovered for her child could have been killed along with a number of other children. It is surprising that our President has not called out the Video Industry on this problem. Why has he not done that? Because he receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the Hollywood industries who make those videos. If he called them out they may stop sending him funding.

So what is the solution? First, the parents or the parent must know what is going on in that bedroom! For you who may not be a computer geek here is a little secret that will show you where your child is looking on the Internet! At the end of the browser window is a little down arrow triangle. Place your cursor on the triangle and click it. Now you can see all of the sites or all of the games your child is viewing! DO NOT EXPOSE THAT SECRET to your child. They know about it but you don't want them to know that you know!

Or they will begin to delete all of their tracks so you can see where they have been. When they pay you rent and electric service fees maybe then you will give them the privacy they want! You must know what is in every square inch of their room or someday you will wake up to a National murder scene. It will be your worst nightmare. Parents are running the HUMAN RACE at light speed. You have your job, your life, your family and that is a lot to manage!

For many years now there has been a National outcry about those videos. So the entertainment industry now has a ranking system in place. To see the ranking system go to; to see the National Software rating system which identifies the worst games! These are the videos that show kids how to kill others they don't like quickly!

According to many College studies, today teens are on their laptops or their computers 4 to 5 hours a day. That's about 15 to 20 hours a week. If they are watching those violent games it will affect their brains and their moods! So it is up to you, the Parents to keep a watchful eye on your child, their room and their friends! If this advice has helped you with this problem then please send us a small donation of $20 to help us fund this website and this cause!

Thank You,
Tom Catanese / Founder