Millions of Mothers Against Drugs

This was the message that was recently presented to A local Civic Group in Phila!

Frank, thank you for that introduction, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Again, my name is Tom Catanese, I’m from Plymouth Meeting. I’m President of Save Our Children’s Future! It is an educational Anti–Drug Non-Profit Organization aimed at Children 4 years old to 11 years old. I have just started this as of Sept. of this year! Your first question could well be, Tom that’s too young for children of that age? About three months ago my wife and I were invited to our first grandchild’s kindergarten’s open house at his school.

As I looked around the room I saw a very young child sitting at a small table working at his laptop computer! I went over to see what he was working on! He looked perplexed! I said, hi, how are you? He said that he was having a problem with his computer. I asked him what was wrong with it? He said, the information packets are coming in disposed elements and it is not syncing up as it should! Plus, my DLS line seems to also have a problem! I said, WOW, that sounds like a big deal! He said it's OK, my older friend is coming later to help me fix the problem! I said to him, how old is your friend? He’s six! How old are you? He held up five fingers! Our children are ready to learn from the day they leave the warmth of their mother’s womb! Why do they learn so quickly? Because their hard drive is empty and most of our hard drives are 95% full. I must admit that my hard drive is not what it used to be! Ladies and Gentlemen, my grandchildren and my great grandchildren and my future generations are in very deep trouble! Ladies and Gentlemen your grandchildren and your great grandchildren and your future generations are also in deep trouble also! They face a Disease called the Drug Culture!

Ladies and Gentlemen
Illegal Drugs, are stealing the minds, bodies and souls of our children and these same drugs are causing over 80% of all crime in America today! You read the same papers I do! Drug use is on the increase! Becoming addicted to any drug today is like falling into a 50’ black hole with no ladder or way out! Why would anyone place themselves in such a deep black hole? They are unaware of how deep a hole they are falling into and how very difficult it will be to climb out!

One young woman I know said she got involved in drugs at a very young age at a school party! She was 15 years old and she wanted to impress the boy that she had a crush on! She wanted to show him that she could do drugs just once with him! She said, it was like a 6 hour Climax! It was wonderful and it was the most exciting experience she had ever had and so did more and more! Then there was a 15 year slide into HELL! No one warns you that at first it’s wonderful but that you sell your soul to the drug dealer. You will also sell you body to get the next fix! She became pregnant but did not know who the father was! She dropped out of school! She lost her job! She stole to keep her habit going and then became a prostitute to make ends meet! Her parents died and she was an only child! They left her the family home which was worth 1 Million dollars! She went thru $1.5 Million of estate money on drugs and then had to sell that home! On one of her bad trips she had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE that changed her life! She had died on a table in the emergency room at the hospital! She recanted the story! She said that she found herself in a very black room somewhere! She could see a red glow in the far distance. There was someone in the room with her and the presence that she felt was very menacing! She asked this person where she was and the answer came back that she was about to enter the threshold of Hell! …………….. She then heard the worst human hollering and screams she had ever heard in her life! She screamed; Oh Dear God, Save Me, Please SAVE ME! With that instant plea she was jammed back into her body and woke up screaming! The medical staff were alarmed because they had just covered her face with the white sheet and were about to take her to the morgue! This young Girl was a relative of mine! She is finally off drugs but today but she still has problems getting and holding a job!

It all started 20 years ago at a high school party!
20 years down the drain!

Why am I here? I’m here starting a New Anti-Drug Non-Profit organization called;

Save Our Children’s Future!

There are 265 Anti Drug agencies in America that are fighting this Scourge! I want to be the 266th organization to fight this dreaded EVIL that ruins the lives of Americans at all income levels!
There are over 700,000 Drug Pushers across America today who are killing our children for PROFIT!

Millions of Mothers Against Drugs

Before I talk to you about Millions of Mothers Against Drugs let me tell you why I’m here!
I’m here to ask each one of you for a small donation and for a possible donation from your Civic Group!

I have just gotten my 501 (c (3) tax exemption from the IRS! Once I get that then I can legally go to all the National Foundations and request grants for financial funding and charitable support that will help fund.

Save Our Children’s Future /
Millions of Mothers Against Drugs

You may say to yourself that it could not happen to my Grandkids! Trust me; it can happen in your family! Just take a look at the problems that the Philadelphia Eagle’s Football Coach Andy Reid and his wife have faced! My lifetime Goal is to provide for the COMMON GOOD. I’m doing the same things that all of you are doing!
You’re making Good, you're doing Good and you're being Good!
That’s why we are all here for the common GOOD!

Now let’s just say that one of your adorable Grandchildren, a beautiful young girl of 11 years old is lured into trying drugs for the first time at a pajama party because all her friends are doing it! Do we want to save this child? Of course we do! But we can’t be there all the time. Whose job is it to educate this child from birth to 11+ years old?

It is the Mother’s lifetime goal! She is our SECRET WEAPON!

Educate the Mother about Evil Drugs and she will educate her Children! We need to start educating children as young as possible to give them a head start!
I’m here today to help your Children defend themselves in the future against the teenage drug pusher!

Since 1960, 1 in 3 American families has been affected by the Drug Culture in one way or another! That’s about 10 million families in our country since 1960! It’s not getting BETTER, it's Getting WORSE!

One day sometime in the future one of your Grandchildren will be at a school party and someone will say hey do you want to try some dope or something fun? Or her boyfriend may ask her to try it for him just once! Oh, come on it won’t hurt you to try it once!

Look, all your friends are doing drugs and/or some fun things why don’t you try some yourself?

What will your Grandchild say to her boyfriend? If no one has educated this young lady about the danger of drugs then she will be defenseless. She will have no answer to that question! Come on it's fun!

But we can educate that child’s Mother so that the child’s Mother can educate that child about the Dangers of Drugs! Then that child will have an answer for that party boyfriend! ………… I know all about drugs, I don’t put anything in my body that I don’t trust! And I don’t trust Drugs!
It’s called peer pressure and it’s a heavy thing when you're young and it's your boyfriend!
That’s why I’m here tonight to ask for your help in getting “Save Our Children’s Future” Non-Profit Foundation started! I’m here for the Safety and Wellbeing of your Grandchildren and the Future Generations of your Family! My motivation in starting this foundation is based in the words of the America’s Godfather! Benjamin Franklin! I’ve read his biography five times. His motto was simple, if you are a citizen of this Country and you see a problem then don’t wait for someone to tell you to find a solution!

You find a way to solve that problem!

Benjamin Franklin founded the first Fire Company in America! He founded the first Library and the first Hospital! He created the first business franchising concept in America. His personal Charitable Trust that he established back in 1780 for Philadelphia Children is still funding children’s programs today 237 years later! What a Man! He’s one of my Heroes!

You read the same newspapers that I do and you see it every day in the newspapers!
illegal Drugs are killing our children by the thousands! Drugs are stealing and ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of America’s families and youth! For every child who gets hooked on drugs you have one set of parents who’s worry; fear and concern is a daily thing! They will know sorrow for many years. The Addict has Brothers and Sisters, Aunts and Uncles and friends who see what is happening to this life but cannot do anything for them! Because they don’t want help or they don't know how exactly to help! They just want another fix and right now!


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hollywood is teaching our children how to kill and hiding in back of the First Amendment!
The Video Game industry is showing children how to kill other Children! Columbine, Va. Tech, and now it has hit home with the recent arrest of a young boy who was going to kill a good deal of kids at Plymouth Maresh, PA High School! Kids can’t buy Wine or Spirits or Pornographic materials but they can buy videos that will show them how to kill others because it’s a video game! We need a law about that NOW!

Robin Williams, America’s most famous comedian and former drug addict said that the term freebasing is a big joke! That statement would make you think that drugs are free!

There is nothing free about drugs he said!

Drugs will cost you thousands of dollars, drugs will cost you your job, your Home, your Family and Friends. Drugs will steal 15 years or more of your life if you’re lucky!

Let me give you a real example of the terror of drugs!

If you have smoked cigarettes in the past, and tried to kick the habit it was like having a 3 lb monkey on your back who wanted another cigarette! There was the driving cigarette, there was the drinking cigarette and then there was the after lovemaking cigarette! When you were smoking they were really GOOD!
How satisfying they were! Hollywood was paid handsomely by the cigarette makers for all those great love scenes and the John Wayne Marine war stories with the butts hanging out of their mouths!
Doing Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, Speed and Meth is like having a 300 lb Mad Gorilla on your back!

3 Trillion Human Body Cells want a fix NOW!

You must understand what the drug does to your body! Once taken, it anchors itself in every living cell in your body. That’s 3 Trillion cells in the human body screaming at you! When those 3 Trillion cells start screaming at your mind and telling you that you need another fix, your Gorilla is now jumping up and down on your back and he will not stop until you get that next fix. And you don’t care what you have to do to get that drug!

Here comes the Crime Side of the Drug Culture

Children who become addicts will steal money, lie, cheat, rob, and kidnap women from their cars, and in some cases, they will kill their parents if they don’t get the money they need NOW! Let me give you an example of this concept!


I have a $20 here, who will give me $5 for this $20 bill? Who will give me $10  for this $20  Bill? Sold! Please come up to get your reward! Now I have an envelope here, who will give me $20  for this envelope? $15  Dollars anyone? $10  anyone, anyone? OK we have a brave soul here! Sold for $5  !!!!!!! Come on up and I will give you the reward!

What do you think is in this envelope? You don’t know. Why did you bid on it? You’re a gambler! Well you just made $15. There is $20  in the envelope! What just happened here? You don’t know me and so you don’t trust me! If you have a child who is not on drugs, you can trust them because they don’t have a drug that is driving them crazy! If you have a child on Drugs you can’t trust that child anymore. They will steal anything that they can sell! One of the signs of a young person in trouble and on drugs is missing money or missing jewelry from the house that can be sold for drug money! You can no longer trust this person you LOVE because the drug has taken over their lives in a very big way!

Drugs are killing the American Dream for many families!

Ladies and Gentlemen

What is the Federal Government’s solution?

DARE is a federally funded education program that is aimed at the Jr. High and Senior high school students!  All Sheriff’s departments across the country go out to the schools to educate the kids about drugs!  Each year the Federal Government spends over $600,000,000 dollars on the War against Drugs!  They are doing a Great Job to save these kids and to educate them! But they need HELP!

What is the real Solution to the Problem?

Our Government has excluded the American Mother! She is the Secret Weapon in the War on Drugs! The Mother has total control of a child’s education from birth to 11 years old. After that then their school friends start to influence them! I called the DARE Program people; they said they did not need my help!

America’s Secret Weapon on the War against Drugs

What we need is a Millions of Mothers Against Drugs National Organization

We already have the network set up across the country. It is the Mothers Clubs or the Parents School Clubs that will be the link between the drug problem and the SAVE OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE Website!
Education of the Mother is the First Answer! And here is the $64,000 question for you? Here is the problem in a nutshell!

When did your parents take you aside and discuss Sex?

I have asked that question of 50 older people both male and female!
They all said, they never had a conversation about Sex. We were not educated about the most important human emotion in our everyday life! Today the schools are doing a better job of this!

We all learned about the most important human experience in the back alleys and the schoolyards of America from secondhand misinformation from older friends who really did not know much more than we knew! Back then there was no sex education; today our schools are doing a better job of that!
Parents don’t know what to say to their children, except, Don’t Take Drugs! That’s what Andy Reid and his wife said to their children, Don’t Take Drugs! Early Education of these children is needed now! From ages 4 years old to 11 years old!  But don't stop the education because the challenging years lay ahead.

Why? Because we need to get an early start with them so they will listen to their Moms and Dads about the Evil that they will meet sometime in the future, and the pressure from school friends to try it!
How will we get the word out? SAVE OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE website!
There are over 15,000,000 Mothers of young children across America today. I need to tell these Mothers that in about 5 years a major disease could steal the heart, the mind, the body and the soul of their child! If she will read the sad family stories on the website she will understand that it can happen to her children and she will do everything in her power to save her children from that dread!

Using the 150,000 Elementary School Mothers Clubs across America we can educate all of them thru the Internet! That’s 15 Million Mothers across America! We need to tell them all about the disease that their child will come face-to-face with in a few years! We will tell them how to educate their child!

In five years when I have the attention of 15 Million Mothers we will then write to all the sponsors of all the TV shows that show killing, guns and drug use! Disney has not produced one anti-drug movie or TV show that is directed at children! That is a Crime that Walt Disney would be ashamed of!

Walt Disney knew how to educate Children!
If you remember the story about Pinocchio, his Grandfather warned him about going to Pleasure Island!
He said if you go there and smoke these cigars your ears will start to grow! And if you lie about it your nose will grow! Using Children’s authors we will ask them to write age appropriate stories, Nursery Rhymes and Mother Goose type bedtime storybooks that Mothers can download from the website and read to their children when they put them in bed! They can tell their Children how bad drugs can steal their minds and bodies! We need to educate the child about the horrible things that drugs do to a child!

I want to create a 1,000 page website that will educate the Mothers of America!
This website will also contain true video stories, true life sad stories about families who have lost children to this terrible scourge and evil.

This Nightmare can happen to your Family

Drugs shatter family values and cause parents to experience their worst nightmares with their children!
The website will first educate the Mother about all the different types of drugs and how they work!
Then all about their makeup and their effects on their children’s minds and how they can alter their children’s character! Then we will discuss all the telltale signs of drug addiction!
I want to place on this website 50 Bedtime Stories that Mothers can download to read to their 4, year olds, 5, 6 ,7 ,8 and 9 year olds and older! I want them to read about Aunt Mary Jane and her evil cottage in the forest where she steals children’s minds and hangs them in the attic!!

All stories would be age appropriate for each age group! Main St USA is losing the War on Drugs!

Here are some very important facts:
America has spent 3 Trillion Tax Dollars since 1960 to try and win the Drug War and we are still losing it!
80 % of all crime today is related to the drug culture!
80% of all prisoners today are in jail because of drugs in one way or another!
There are 2.2 Million people in prisons today! And the Federal and State governments are now planning on building new jails across the country for the next 10 years!
The prisoners cost you and I $67,000 a year to house and feed and guard a year!
That means that hundreds of thousands of Policemen have to come off the street from protecting all of us to fill out all the paperwork and go to court to place these people behind bars!

While they are filling out all these reports, the Drug Dealers are targeting your Grandchildren and you’re grandchildren!
The drug industry is so powerful that over 2,000 police, judges, DEA agents and border guards have been caught taking huge cash kickbacks from Smugglers and Drug Traffickers across the country!


Millions of Mothers Against Drugs! This will be a step in the right direction!

First I want to go countywide, then the Delaware Valley wide, then statewide, then nationwide! That will take 5 years + to do!
Here's My Plan: I’m in the process of raising funds as a non-profit foundation.  I can then go to the State and National charities who offer funding.
I’m here to help you pass the word along to your family concerning something that could bring major harm to your family! If you are in any way connected with a Charitable Foundation we need your help and please see me after the meeting!
Send Money: So I’m here today to tell you about the problems and to ask for your personal support and your civic club support!
Internet Website: We will define all the problems that each drug will produce! Each drug will have its own page! Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack, LSD, Meth. Heroin and Opium! These are the majors!
Video Clips: We will post video clips of different stories in DVD and cartoon style so that the stories would always teach the children about the bad men who want to give these Good Children evil drugs and steal their minds!
War Stories: We can post stories about, It Can Happen to Your Kids Too!
Stories from Parents who were sure that their kids would never take drugs or do anything like that because that were raised differently!
Celebrity Deaths: We will list all the famous people who died because of overdoses! There is a list of over 150 famous people who believed that they were smarter then the drugs they took!
Family Stories: We can post the hundreds of sad stories of broken families,
the interventions and killings and addicted babies whose Mothers were taking hard drugs during their maternal period!
Jail Time: We will provide the Mother with the State and the Federal penal code so that they will know what would happen to their child if they were caught using drugs, selling drugs, running drugs or carrying a gun! There is no education in our schools about this very important information!

If we can give the Mothers of America a resource of education on the website then they will educate that child about the evils of Drugs and safeguard their child’s future against that day sometime in the future when a 13 year old drug pusher will try to sell them drugs at school or in a backalley! Now this Child will be prepared to defend themselves with answers for that question!

Hey, kid do you want to get high?

Addicts have fallen into a 50 foot black hole. No ladder, no rope, no help. They are now a slave of the drug and that drug pusher! It will take 10 years or more for this person to dig out of that hole with great help! So what’s next for this kid who is addicted?

Maybe they will rob a 7/11 store with a gun, hi-jack a car and kidnap it passenger and sell it on the black market? It gets worse not better! You need to go on the Internet to read all the sad stories about parents, children, teenagers who never see their early years as normal! So why am I here? I’m here for your Grandkids and their Grandkids! Because drug use is not going down it is increasing every year! Today, somewhere across America 8,000 kids and adults tried some type of illegal drug!  I hope that you can support my efforts for this New Mission! Fund Raising is not an easy task!  People say to me, Tom, why do you want to get involved at your age? Because I want to make GOOD!  Old Benjamin is my answer! I hope you can help me with this appeal, I hope so. Tell your relatives about it. Let me end my presentation by saying this!  If you and your family are in good health and all your body parts are working, then you are a Millionaire!


If you are a Parent, here are some actions that you can take now to keep your Children Safe at Home! They Need a HEAD START!

1. It’s never too early to begin to educate your child about Drugs! They need a HEAD START to build up their defenses! With your freewill donation we will begin to create web pages that will help you educate your child about the EVIL and the DREAD of illegal drugs in you neighborhoods. Drug education is the key to understanding that your child could fall into a very deep hole and it could take them about ten years or more to climb out, but only with your help and your family's help!

2. Prescription Drugs in Your Home
According to the National Coroner’s Office across the country, many underage children are dying from overdoses of prescription drugs that are found in your home medicine cabinet! The children hear their friends talking about taking drugs and getting high! They take them from their parent’s bathroom supply of their medication not knowing what these are and how they can kill them with an overdose! They just take a lot of drugs because they want to get high!  You must now lock up all medicines, even over the counter drugs! Codeine can get your child high if they take enough according to some kids who think they know what they are doing!  Your children love to search all the bureaus and drawers in your bedroom!  Don’t let them find thing’s that can kill them!

Alcohol / Beer / Wine
3. Today most Parents don’t lock up their Spirits, Beer, and Wine! Why lock it up, the kids won’t try it! That’s what you think! But today with TV showing kids all matter of things don’t take any chances because they will do just that! Think back to your own youth and remember all the things that you would sneak out of the house! Especially the older ones who are going to a party where they want to have fun like their Parents do! So don’t be sorry, LOCK IT UP NOW or hide it until you can lock it up properly! Using clear scotch tape to mark the liquid line in the back of the bottle so you can tell anyone has been using the contents without you knowing!

Rifles and Guns
4. Today because of Video Games young people are being shown how to kill! That is why you are seeing kids killing kids with Guns! Columbine, Va. Tech and many other schools have very sad stories to tell about Guns in the hands of kids! The Video games are showing them and telling them how to do it. They don’t realize that the video is just a game. But they see it as a way for them to kill school kids who belittle them and bully them. So they will get even with the guns they see in Video Games.
You may have a spouse who is a hunter and he likes to display his hardware in a Gun Closet! There is usually a very simple small lock on that closet! If your child wants to get at the Gun and they are Mad as Hell, that little lock will be broken in a second and those Guns will be used to kill another person. It’s time to tell your spouse that these guns need to be in a much more secure lockup then a Gun Showcase! If you could talk to the Parents of the Columbine boy who killed all those kids, these parent’s would tell you!
Because if they are killing other kids, then the Police may have to kill your child in self defense! Is that Gun Display closet worth the life of one of your children?

Your Children’s Friends
5. Here we are not speaking of children four, five, six, seven, eight, nine or ten. But we are talking about children eleven years and older! If you want to see who your child friends, are then host a Birthday Party every year and include each Mother or appropriate parent! You will then be able to meet all your children’s friends and their Mother! Make sure that you get every Mothers phone and E-Mail before they leave! This will be so important because you will be able to see who’s who in your child’s life when you are not around them. You will be able to see who else has any influence over your child's judgment! If your child is going to get hooked on drugs. one or two of their friends will play a key role in that act!

6. That is something that you must defend against early on or they could get hooked on drugs for life!

We are all running the Human Race at light speed! Life is so busy today that many things get pushed under the rug that we should be taking care of! Please take this message back to your office and copy it and send it to your family and friends who you think need to hear this very important message! Everyone in this room is GOOD, everyone here is making GOOD! Do you know why you do this? Because you never want your family and friends to say that you were GOOD for nothing!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you so much for your time! Thank You for your attention! If you would like to make a personal donation please send it to the address below! We do not have an office yet, and we don’t have a phone yet, but our Website is up and running right now!

If you can help please send off a free will donation for:
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With your donation to our effort we will enroll you in our MILLIONS OF MOTHERS AGAINST DRUGS and we will place your name in our e/m database so that we can continue to provide you with Anti-Drug information that will help your Family!

Thank You for your Support
Please include your email address with all your other home address and contact information! Here is my email address., To make a tax deductible personal donation, please send it to:

Save Our Children’s Future
324 Knoll Rd. Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462, Ph: 610-275-0234.
Thank you for your attention and your time!

Please make any checks payable to save our children's future.

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