Parents Action Plan

Today, if you want to succeed at any project or goal you must have a plan! You must write down what you want too do and place it in a date format so that you can put it into action! Listed below are just a few of the many Newspaper articles that I have in my War on Drugs Binder! How could a Son stab his Mother to death with a screwdriver! That would appear to be impossible but you must understand that the Drug takes over the mind and the body! And nothing gets in the way of the next fix! Here are the types of newspaper articles that you need to cut out of the paper to read to your children!

If we are to kill the Drug Market in America we must start to educate the child at 6 years old up to 12 years old! Now we can give this child 312 negative bits of information and Education about the Evil of Drugs and how it kills children and Mommy’s and Daddy’s!

Parents need only spend one hour a month or 56 Thursday nights a year x 5 years = 312 Thursdays! They need to be clipping Newspaper articles about dealers shooting kids and adults! This needs to be done after dinner with both the Mother and the Father! This is how we can build a wall around this child! When they are 13 years old, the drug dealer will not be able to sell that child anything having to do with Drugs.

Here is the Parent’s Action Plan

  1. Start with an empty 3“ binder and download all the information on my website. Then search Google for the other 18 National websites and begin downloading information and Sad Stories from their websites! The front cover of the binder should be titled: My War on Drugs!
  2. Your drug education night with your child should be the third Thursday night of each month, or whatever night works in your schedule. You only need one hour a month to educate yourself and your spouse and your child! During that month begin to cut out these articles you read in the paper! Place them in the binder. Then after Dinner read the article to your child and watch their reaction! Ask them what they think of any boy who would kill his Mommy or Daddy! You are now building a wall around your child that will save them when they are 13 or 14 years old!
  3. Host two parties a year for your children. One for a birthday and one just for fun. Let your child invite whoever they want. But you must have the name of the child and their Mother’s name and e-mail address. The children who show up are the ones who can influence your child during their years in school.
  4. Your Child’s Room! When your child starts to pay you RENT that is when you will give them the privacy they need. You must be aware of everything in their room. This will help you understand what is going on in their lives and how you can defend it before it gets worse!
  5. Parent Teacher Conference! When you attend these conferences on your child be sure to ask the important questions of their teachers as they spend almost as much time with your child as you do!
  6. Your Newspaper! As you read your local newspaper begin to cut out articles that have a direct link to any drug sales, use or crime! Discuss these issues with all the members of your family so that you are now building a wall of negative info. Place them in your binder!
  7. Download all the Sad Stories from other websites about young teens who get sucked into that Drug culture and into a 50 foot black hole in the ground! Once they are in the hole you may not be able to help them any longer. They will need a Re-Hab Center to detox them and it could take 2 to 5 years before they are free of the Drug culture! Parents tell me it is a nightmare!
  8. Start a Millions of Mothers Against Drugs ( MMAD ) chapter in your PTA! That will be the core element to keep the program and the movement going in your school.
  9. Invite Drug Treatment and Re-hab personal to the PTA meetings to hear first hand how strongly Drugs can take over your child’s body, brain and life and ruin it for 5 to 8 years in the future!
  10. Grandparents can play a very important role in safeguarding their Grandkids! They love hearing Grandparents reading to them and they listen to the advice that POPPOP and MOMOM give them. So on your next visit bring your own articles that you can read to your grandkids because they will love you all the more!
So what is my Goal for S O C F and MMAD? It is simple! Educate Parents and Grandparents about the EVIL and the SCOURGE and drive a Sword into the HEART of the Drug Beast!

Why Kids take Drugs

Top Five Reasons why teens use Drugs
  1. They heard that it’s really cool, all my friends were doing it!
  2. We see it on TV everyone in Hollywood is doing it!
  3. Using drugs got me into the In-Crowd at School!
  4. I wanted to impress my school friends that I could only did it once!
  5. It was a cheap and wild thrill! I don’t think I will get hooked!
Top Five Reasons why Parents don’t educate their kids about using Drugs
  1. We are both so busy with our jobs and our lives we don’t have time plus we already told our kids, DON’T DO DRUGS! I told them just say no to Drugs! That does not work!
  2. Parents don’t realize that once their kids try Marijuana they will graduate to heavier and harder drugs to get new highs and that’s when they get hooked!
  3. Our kids said that they receive the Anti-Drug DARE program at there school so we don’t have to teach them about Drugs!
  4. Parents say, my kid is drug proof, they are too smart to do Drugs, plus I would be able to tell if they were using drugs. Surprisingly you will not know if your child is doing Drugs until it's to late!
  5. We don’t have to educate our kids, they know the dangers of Drugs and I know that they would never rob anybody, they're good kids. Teens who use drugs lost their free will! Young boys who use drugs start stealing family things, then they graduate to 7 -11 stores, then they start stealing cars. Then they get a gun, then they kill someone and now your son is going to jail for life because he murdered someone.

You always knew that your daughter would do some wonderful things in her life! Then her boyfriend got her hooked on drugs and then her boy friend started selling her body to older men for SEX so he and she could buy drugs for a fix! Then her boyfriend started to sell her to his friends for drugs! You may think that won’t happen to my Kids! That’s what most parents said until they found out that their kids were already hooked! Now it will take 5 years and $50,000 to get them off it! Can you help us fight this Devil Beast with a small donation?

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