Patrons and Supporters


Listed below are the names of people who responded to my letters of help and support! These people made this website possible and funded the beginning and the birth of this Foundation! On behalf of all the Children we hope to save, I want to thank you for that help in getting this website up and running! If any member of your Family has had problems with the Drug Culture then you know about the problems that drugs cause. If you have not made a donation and can afford a small donation, it will be much appreciated since we are at WAR WITH DRUGS and the Drug Pushers are winning! We welcome your support. Please pass the information about our website to family and friends because we need everyone’s help to KILL THIS BEAST!

We thank all the people who helped give Birth to this Organization!

Mr. Charles Tornetta
Mr. Anthony Greco
Mr. Anthony Di Lucia
Mr. Carmen Salamone
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Giannone
Mr. & Mrs. Don Tornetta
Mr. John Vuotto
Mr. Elgin Lenhardt
Mr. Jeff Asher
Mr. Don Zajick
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Volpe
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel deTuro
Mr. Scott Radwell
Mr. Don Marsella
Mr. Ken Lee
Mr. Shawn Tammaro
Mrs. Donna Jones
Mr. Tom Genuardi, Jr.
Dr. Brett Horowitz
Mr. Joel Mc Lendon
Members of the MSS
Charlie Tornetta, Pres.

Mr. Michael Giambrone
Mr. Howard Johns
Dr. Marlene Mash
Dr. Albert Galullo
Mrs. Carol Catanese
Mr. Thomas Catanese
Mr. Sunny Goel
Mr. & Mrs William Malley
Mr. & Mrs. William Ciavarelli
Mr. Paul Fragale 

We would like to add your name to this list. Can you help us? Please mail us a Free Will Donation and we will gladly add your name to the list. Help save future generations from the Evils of Drugs Today!