Not my Kid!

We had talked about it on many occasions. I told him don't try drugs! They can kill you. I was principal at the local high school. Today I am speaking to another high school's PTA metting! Don't let this happen to your family. as a parent you never will believe that you are going to bury a child. But my wife and our family did just that when my son overdosed on drugs.

Most people do not understand what an overdose is! Some drugs can override your bodies operating system. Believe it or not your sub-consciences mind runs 85% of your body functions on and automatic process. This system keeps you breathing, seeing, hearing, smelling and all of the things that we take for granted. When you take so many pills all of your systems close down and they turn off your body's electric switch.

It is just like turning out the lights in your home. Only the drugs totally turns off your master switch in your cellar so nothing is working. You stop breathing! When that happens, you die!

And it happened with prescription drugs. My son and his friends had gotten a large handful of prescription drugs. They had heard at school that if they took 6 or 8 pills you could get high.

What his friends did not tell him was never mix drugs with alcohol! He started using drugs in middle school. My wife and I noticed his personality change. First we were losing money that no one could figure out who was taking it. Then he started to come home drunk! We finally confronted him and he did admit that he was drinking a lot and using drugs!