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This website is an Anti-Drug Educational source for Parents who want to safeguard their children! Our Mission, our Goal, and our Plan, is to educate the Mothers of America about the dangers that their children will face in the upcoming years! Your Children will need a HEAD START! Our Country is losing the WAR ON DRUGS! The Federal Government’s Audit Office Capitol oversees the Federal Government Anti-Drug Programs that our Tax Dollars fund states that drug usage is going up not down!

Our Children are Our Future

Our Goal is to educate the Mothers and Fathers of America who are responsible for everything that a child from birth to eleven years old sees and reacts to! There are over 265 National, State and County programs that deal with the Illegal Drugs that are sending America’s youth and adults to jail in record numbers! Every agency who is fighting this dreaded problem is doing their best to stop the flow of drugs into our Country. There is too much cash profit to be made in the drug culture and drug business! All of the programs are aimed at the 12 year old child and the teenagers in high school. By that time the children know a lot of information about Drugs but it is all wrong! Why? Because the children who are trying to get your children on drugs are doing it because of the BIG MONEY that they can make from all the pushers. Today, there are over 700,000 Druggies who push the drugs into our children’s schools, backyards, back alleys and at school parties!


This Drug Pusher is your  Child’s worst Nightmare  If these Beautiful Teens get hooked, they could be selling their bodies for drugs Here is the Drug King Pin who has over 1000 Drug slaves

We need your help! One in every three families has been affected by the Drug problem in one way or another! Since 1960, our Government has spent over $3,000,000,000,000. Yes, thats is 3 Trillion Dollars! And all those dollars are our tax dollars not the Federal Government’s money! 80% of all Crime in America today has a direct contact with the Drug World! 80% of all Prisoners are in Jail because of Illegal Drugs one way or another! 80% of all Murderers are in Jail because of the Drug Culture! At present there are over 2.2 million people behind bars. The cost for you and I to house and feed one prisoner is $67,000 a year! Our Tax Money! The Government has stated it can only stop 10 to 15% of all the Drugs coming into our Country! Why are we losing the War on Drugs?

80 % of all Crime today is connected to the Drug Culture

Because we are educating our children too late about the bad things that drugs do to people! Because Mom and Dad really must get into the children's brains and educate them at a young age! The key to stopping the Drug Wars is the education of these young children by their Mothers and Fathers. But because the Mothers and the Fathers are not educated about drugs themselves all they say is DON”T TAKE DRUGS! That Is Not The Answer! The answer is the Mother! Because she controls all the information inbound to this child’s brain for the first eleven years.

Marijuana is a Gateway Drug What’s happening to me! Man, this a BAD TRIP

Then their school friends start to change their minds! If a child is approached by a teenage drug pusher that child has no defense, because no one has told them what to say! That’s where we come in! They don’t know what to say to that pusher. But if his Mother has been coaching that child about drugs, then that Child will have an answer for that pusher. Hey boy, do you want to get high? Hey, my Mom told me all about you. You’re trying to steal my mind with drugs. I don’t take drugs! Get away from me!

The Key is in education from the Parents at an early age with continuing education from 4 years to 11 years. Now this child is ready for any pusher, because they will have the answers to his challenges! Drugs are ten times more dangerous than 9 out of 10 Diseases! Once a child gets hooked on drugs, it may take them and you ten years to get them off the drug! That does not cover the tens of thousands of dollars and the nights that you stay up worrying about where your child is and what is she or he doing? The key and the best defense is EDUCATION. EDUCATION by the Parents, and the Mothers especially! She is the Primary Educator in that child’s life! We are going to build a 1000 page website at www.saveourchildrensfuture.org! We will first educate the Mother about the dangers of drugs! The primary reason we have this problem is because we are waiting too late to warn the Mothers of America about the deep hole that their children could fall into! This website will inform the Mother and provide her with age appropriate bedtime stories that she can download and read to her children.

All of these stories will be very much like Nursery Rhymes and Mother Goose stories that are appropriate for different ages. Building a 1000 page website costs a good deal of money and that is why we need your free will donation so we can register with the IRS for a tax exempt status as a Non Profit Organization!

Here is a listing of some of the segment pages that you will see!
Mothers and Dads Pages These pages will speak to the adult parents about all the dangers!
Marijuana, what is it? These pages will discuss the fact that this drug is a Gateway Drug!
Cocaine, what is it? These pages will discuss the many HARD DRUGS!
Crack Cocaine, what is it! These pages will discuss why this Drug is a Killer!
Heroine, what is it? These pages will discuss why this Drug is the most feared!
Meth, what is it? These Pages will discuss why you can’t try this drug just once!
LSD, what is it? This is the drug that will blow your mind and kill you too!
Sad but True Stories! Read about the families that drugs have ruined over the years!
Celebrities / Died! All about the overdoses, the blowouts and the DOA bodies!
Household Products! Why you should lock up all Chemicals, Paint Thinners Etc!
Re-Hab Stories! Read the real truth about behind the doors of the Re-Hab Centers!
MMAD! We are starting a New Organization called MMAD!
History of Drugs in USA ! Here you will read about how we get to where we are today!
Video Clips! A Must See! See Video clips of Anti Drug ads that will alarm you and your children!
Bedtime Stories 4 - 5 years Brief Stories that can be downloaded from the web for your children!
Bedtime Stores 6 - 7 years Same as above but for older children!
Bedtime Stories 8 - 9 years Same as above but for older children!
Bedtime Stories10-11-12 Same as above!
Before and After Photos! These Pages will show you what happens to children and adults who think they can control drugs. Some of these stories will be frightening!
Innocent Victims Stories Children stories of who was killed by stray bullets in America’s Cities!
Stories about Jails! These are stories about jails that you don’t want to see your child in ever!
Intervention Pages See these stories of what happens with an intervention!

So now you want to know how you can help us help you with your Children? Help us with a Free Will Donation

Bad trips are BAD
What do you mean I robbed a 7-11 store!
Yes Sir, We got married last week I’m your new Son in Law They did not tell me it could be a nightmare!

Main St USA! is losing the War on Drugs?

Who is America’s Secret Weapon on the War against Drugs ?
What we need are Millions of Mothers Against Drugs! We already have the network set up across the Country. It is the Mothers Clubs and the Parents and Teachers School Clubs that will be the link between the drug problem and the
SAVE OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE / www.saveourchildrensfuture.org, website!
Education of the Mother is the First Answer!
And here is the $64,000 question for you?
Here it is in a nutshell! When did your parents take you aside and discuss Sex? I have asked that question of 50 adults both male and female! They all said, they never had a conversation with their Parents about Sex! We were not educated about the most important human emotion in our everyday life! We all found out about the most important human experience in the back alleys and the school yards of America from secondhand misinformation from older friends who really did not know much more than we knew! Back then there was no Sex Education. Today it's better!

Parents don’t know what to say to their children, except, Don’t Take Drugs!

Today Parents must educate themselves about a disease that can kill their Child! We need to educate children from K-1 to 5th grade to get them ready!
Why? Because we need to get a HEAD START with them so that they will listen to their Moms and Dads about the evil that they will meet sometime in the future in a schoolyard or on the bus or a friend's party! That is where it usually starts! How do we get the word out? SAVE OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE website!
Over 15,000,000 Mothers of young children across America today need the information and the educational materials that will be posted on the website. If you have friends who have young children Please Pass This Website on to them because they will need this information now!
We need to tell these Mothers that in about 5 years some teenage drug pusher is going to try to steal the heart, mind, body and soul of their child!

If she will read the sad family stories on the website she will understand that it can happen to her children and in that case she will do everything in her power to stop that EVIL before it attacks her children! Drugs are worse than disease! Drugs are not out in the open. Kids are secretive about their addiction! Using the 150,000 Elementary School Mothers Clubs across America, we can educate all of them through the Internet! That’s 15,000,000 Mothers across America! We need to tell them all about the disease that their child will come face to face with in a few years! We will tell them how to educate their child about Drugs! In five years, if I can have the attention of 5,000,000 Mothers Against Drugs, we can then write to all the sponsors of all the TV shows that show Killing, Guns and Drug Use! ABC/Disney has not produced one anti-drug movie or TV show that is directed at children! If you are a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Gal Pal or an old friend, please send this website to your friends if you want to save their Children’s Future!

Meth, don’t even try it once or you're hooked! Drug Wars will Kill your Child Speed, Ecstasy, LSD will O. D. your child to the Morgue

Walt Disney knew how to Educate Children!

If you remember the story about Pinocchio, his Grandfather warned him about going to Pleasure Island! He said, if you go there and smoke these cigars, your ears will start to grow! And if you lie about it, your nose will grow! We will create age appropriate stories much like Nursery Rhymes and Mother Goose type bedtime storybooks about the evil of drugs that Mothers can download from the website and read to their children when they put them in bed! They can explain to their children how bad drugs can steal their minds and bodies! We need to educate the children about the horrible things that drugs can do to them! I want to create a 1000 page web site that will educate the Mothers of America! This web site will also contain video clips of the major problems that families experience!
There is no National Television Network today including Sesame Street educating children about the dangers of Drugs! Why? They think that the children are too young for this information? And yet they are teaching the children all about the A B C’s and other values about life! They need to change that! Education is the only way out of this hole! Teach the child at a young age and they will remember that when they are asked to get high! That is a lot to say! I can’t do it myself, but with the support of 15,000,000 Mothers Against Drugs, I can! I want them to E-Mail and write every National Network asking them to change their Programming! Not only do I want them to write to the Networks, I want them to write to the Sponsors and the Companies that pay for the Programming of these shows that show our children how to kill other children with Guns!

Video Games produced by Hollywood

If you were ever to see one of these Video Games that these children are watching that teach them how to Kill others, you would be enraged! The Teenagers who attacked the School in Columbine, VA Tech, all said that they had watched these video games about killing! These Video games are taking over a child’s mind and showing them how they can take revenge on the bullying at school! Now we almost had it happen right here with Plymouth Whitemarsh, PA! A Student who had an arsenal of Guns and Bombs hidden in his room! He had an attack plan and only because he realized that he would need someone else to help him did the plot come undone! The second story in our area is about Andy Reid’s sons caught with heavy drugs and a gun! His kids are in for some bad times! Today no one under 21 is permitted to buy Wine or Spirits or any pornographic books or materials. But, because the Video Games have not appeared on any adult's radar screens, there is no prohibition for these Video games! It’s time that we need to look at these Video Games to find the source of all these kids who want to kill other kids! These video games have a rating system! But parents are unaware of the rating system.

Man in the Circle LSD Trip   How did I ever get hooked   on this crazyness? Older Drug Pusher
He’s glad you're hooked
A Bad Trip on Speed
Don’t worry it will get much worse
Just wait a few more minutes!

This Nightmare can happen to your Family

Drugs shatter family values and cause parents to experience their worst nightmares with their children! The website will first educate the Mother about all the different types of drugs and how they work! Then all about their makeup and their effects on their children’s minds and how they can alter their children’s character! I want to place on this website 50 bedtime stories that Mothers can download to read to their 4, 5, 6 , 7 ,8 and 9 year olds about the bad drug man. About Aunt Mary Jane and her evil cottage in the forest where she steals children’s minds! About Uncle Harry Heroin and his house of Mind Games and Thrills! Then there’s Cousin Mikie Methie, the dude who can wreck your life with one fix of Meth! It’s true you only need to try it once and you're hooked!

If you have Children, try and find someone in your Community who has lived through this harrowing ordeal and life shattering nightmare! They will tell you all about the hell they have gone through and how you can safeguard your children from this Hell!

Never in all the history of humankind has their been a War started by Mothers that killed one person! But we are in a War! A War Against Drugs and I want you to fight for your children’s Future because if you don’t fight then the Drug War may kill them before you can save them! I need 5 Million of Mothers Against Drugs who can help me begin to reverse the Heartbreak, the real Pain and Sorrow that Drugs bring to an All American Families. Will you help me do this? Please help us to stop this SCOURGE, this EVIL, this Plague!


Marijuana will get them started! Once they try Marijuana they could go on to a harder substance!

Heroin, your worst nightmare
But I just did it once!
Hi, Dad, I’m your new Daughter in Law Don’t bet on beating Heroin?
Want to bet your life you can win!

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