Mom’s and Dad’s Pages


Listed on these pages will be important facts and values that should be important
to you as parents. As a Father of twins you never will believe that you will bury
a child! But it has happened to thousands of parents across America who lost their kids
to the Evil of Drugs and it was simply because no one educated the parents about the danger and the huge drug holes that kids fall into when they take drugs!

Household products and how Teens are using them to Get High and then die!

Fire Prevention within the Home and how you can keep your Family alive during a fire!

Predator abduction today is on the raise with Children of all ages!

Computer Predators are serious stuff, KEEP A KEEN EYE on your Child’s access!

Alcohol abuse among Teens is up and getting worse because of TV Parties!

Home Stored Prescription Drugs kill more children today then hard drugs!

High School Strangling Fad is causing Kids to have brain damage!

Bullying at School! Columbine, CO, VA Tech, Plymouth Whitemarsh, PA. They all
said it will never happen in our Town!