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Don’t Even Try It Once Or you will be Hooked!

On this page you will find many links that will take you to other Anti-Drug websites that you and you children should see! There are true life stories, videos and the problems that Meth creates! Of all the drugs on the black market this is the most dangerous because if you just try it once you are hooked. We invite you to visit these links below to see the before and after photos of people who have used Meth for many years!
This website was created by a top Forbes 400 Billionaire who saw the problem and believed that he needed to step up to the bar and help bring a solution to the major problem that Meth was creating in Montana! This website is a must for both adults and children!
Here is the link; click on TV ads on the home page. Spend as much time here as possible because it will spell out what you are fighting. This is one of the best sites you will visit for understanding how Meth works and what Meth is and how Meth Kills! Click on TV ads and stories to view clips.
Here is the link for ; Click on Resources / then Faces of Meth before and after. Then click on Meth recovery stories.

Before Meth Usage! After Meth Usage!

What is in Meth?

You will be surprised to know that the ingredients to make Meth are readily available and are not difficult to find! Many are from over the counter cold medications; Ephedrine, Red Phosphorus, Hydrochloric acid, Ammonia, Drain Cleaner, Battery Acid, Lye, Lantern Fuel and Anti-Freeze! All of these taken in any volume will kill you at once! The fumes, vapors and any spillage associated with cooking Meth are toxic, combustible and very hazardous to all living beings! There is no quality control with the people who make this! There is no FDA Department approving the methods of manufacturers! It is all guesswork by a drugged up meth lab worker.  Meth will first kill your brain, then your brain will kill your body.

What is Meth?

Meth is Methamphetamine! Some people call it, Meth, Crack, Crystal, Speed and it is a very powerful stimulant for the human nervous system! It is available in many colors! White, yellow, brown or pink! It can be smoked snorted or injected! The taker does not realize that once they take one hit of Meth the drug anchors itself in each body cell! You have over 3 Trillion cells in your body. Take it once and you’re addicted to the drug! Once taken there is a sudden rush of great pleasure for a few minutes! Different people react to this drug in different ways! Some people become violent others become very calm and others feel very high as if they can do anything in the World! When the effects of the drug wear off you body now calls for more! Now you have a screaming body and brain telling you that it wants more! In most cases the user now needs more than they used the first time! Other characteristics are increase wakefulness, insomnia, decreased appetite, anxiety, nervousness and violent convulsions and depending on the dose sometimes death! As the users continues use of the drug their tolerance builds up and they need more to surpass the last fix! Taking Meth every four hours is called bingeing and it will usually end up with the person becoming dysfunctional.

Continued Use!

Chronic use can cause paranoia, hallucinations, very bad behavior! Continued use can produce toxic psychosis. Users often told stories of huge insects crawling all over their body! Meth also has caused strokes, heart attacks and death.

How to counter the Friends and Drug Dealers!

First educate your self about Meth! Then educate your child! Take them to these sites and show them the before and after photo’s! Show the Video clips that are at the other sites!

School Peer Pressure

School friends at a party or on the way home will try to intimidate the younger kids into trying drugs! Why? Because they are becoming sellers for the Drug pimp! They want to hook your child and when they do there are signs that you should be looking for that kids will do once they are hooked. They start by stealing from your pocketbook. Valuable things start to disappear with out an explanation!

With Meth you can’t do it once or you’re hooked!

Invite you to buy a three ring binder, to begin to make your own anti-drug book.  You can use this as your resource to print out all of our web pages to save the life of your child.