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Your donation could SAVE your Child from the Evil of Drugs!
America’s families are at War with Drugs! And Drugs are winning!
People who take Drugs will at sometime in the future break the law!
Drugs destroy a person’s will for right thinking and common sense!
Once a person takes Drugs they will lie, cheat, steal, rob and in many cases kill or murder others to get what their bodies need! A Drug fix!

Your Donation could save the Life of a member of your Family!


I need 5 million nails to nail the coffin closed on this Drug Beast who is trying to capture your child’s heart and soul and turn them into another Drug Monster!

Children who lose their free will, their body and their soul to Drugs will stop at nothing to get what they need! Including killing their Mother if need be!
Your donation today can help us bring an end to this DEADLY culture!
If your grandchild came to you today and said that some man was trying to sell them drugs you would be MAD AS HELL! You would want to know who that person was... It is a cute young teenager dressed in black who is trying to get them hooked so they can make a profit on your child, grandchild and great-grandchild!

If your child, grandchild and great-grandchild asked you for money to buy Drugs you would flatly refuse! But if your grandchild said to you that there is a man outside who wants to kill the Drug Monster for me and save me from the Bad Drugs that the Drug Monster is selling would you give them money to help this man? I would like to think that you would!
That’s just what I’m trying to do!

So, send us a dollar, send us five dollars, send us 10 dollars, send us a
donation in the name of a child you may have lost to this Killer Culture! Help us keep your grandchild from taking Drugs from that cute teenager! We can’t save the World but we can save your Child, Grandchild or Great Grandchildren!
We are a Public Charity and any donation you make is tax deducible. Thank you!
Please email us at;, THANK YOU!
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Make your donation checks out to: SAVE OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE
Mail: Mad Mother’s Against Drugs
324 Knoll Rd.
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 
610-277-6230 fax: 484-322-0717

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