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777 W. Germantown Pike, Suite 724, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 - Cell 610-331-3863
Since 1967 providing the Who's Who in the Industry

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This movie covers four different Convention programs!

New York Javits Conv. Ctr
over 825 people attended


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We offer the Gift Packaging and the Gift Basket Industries
over 5000 Products, plus Sales & Marketing Expertise
that will help you  increase your Profits everyday.


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Rocky Gift

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Oprah Gift

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3 Big Bird Shower Gift
Photo Bunny / Pearls
Soap & Fragrance Gift
Happy Easter Gift
Happy Cooker Gift
Sophia Loren Gift
Grape Vine Wine Gift
Soap & Lotion Gift
Birthday in a Basket
Elegant Easter Basket
New Baby Gift Basket
Cookie Monster
Baby Basket
Elegant Jewelry
Box Creation
Candles & Brass Planter Gift
Hanukkah Gift Box
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Thomas New Business
Gift Basket Business � 1977-2018
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We are ranked # 1 for Americas Gift Basket Business Expert
Since 1967 Making Gift Basket Business History

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We have presented 99 Gift Basket, Sales & Marketing Business Seminars and Gift Basket Symposiums
 across the US and Europe
We can help make your dream come true  
Gift Basket Industry Leaders call him  
America's Gift Basket Expert  

This is a Real Rolls Royce!


2002 Rolls Royce Gift

Corporate Charity Golfcart Gift

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This Business is part of a 2 Billion Dollar Marketplace
 and you can carve out your share for your future now


Welcome to our 125 page Gift Basket Videos and Gift Packaging Website. We offer over 5000 Gift Basket Industry products that will put money in your pocket every business day. We specialize in helping new entrepreneurs and major Gift Merchants save money everyday of the year. We also offer a National Sales & Marketing consulting Service for Entrepreneurs. Industry leaders call us the Gift Basket Business Experts! We service the Fancy Food, Wine & Spirit, Confection, Floral, Gift Basket, Soap and Fragrance and the Supermarket Industries Nationally.


If you are interested in making money, then spend some time here with us and review our 40 years of credentials in Tom’s bio. Check out the 100 Gift Creations at our Gift Gallery, Click on Basket Icon at the top of the page. Then visit the Award Winning Gift Basket Video pages to learn how they can help you get started with your own Home Based Gift Basket Business and more. If you are looking for Gift Packaging supplies we can save you money. Click on our 5000 Basket Supplies Catalog Button.

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San Francisco
Gift Basket Design Symposium
A B C 's of
Great Gift Basket Ideas
Great Gift
Packaging and Party Ideas from
A to Z - $29.95
National Sports Team Licensed Products Gift Creation Symposium Video

People often ask me, Tom, where is your next Seminar? My next 6 hour Gift Basket Business Seminar is being held in your Den with Coffee. If you can afford $15.00 an hour for a six hours Seminar that contains 83 Trade Secrets and will show you How-To create 25 different Gift Baskets from start to finish then you can begin to lay the foundation of your new business as a Gift Basket Designer. If you have questions please e-mail us at

To see a brief 3 minute preview of all 3 Videos, go to the Awarding Winning Video Button and click it. Then click one of the Gold Oval Buttons.

Here are our 40 years of Credentials

In 1998 The Int. Fancy Food Industry presented Mr. Catanese with a Gold Medal at Carnegie Hall for his 40 years of Life Time Achievement in the Industry.
We have been in the Gift Basket Industry since 1967.
We have exhibited at 200 National and International Trade Shows.
We have presented 90 Gift Basket Business Seminars and Symposiums since 1977.
We have designed over 850 original Gift Basket designs and creations.
We have written 20 Industry magazine articles in Fancy Food Magazine, Gourmet Retailer, Florist, Flowers and, Giftware News, Telefood, Gourmet Today, Beverage Media, Liquor Store Magazine, Beverage Weekly, Gifts and Decorative Accessories, Chef, By Design, Candy Business, Showcase and La Confiserie, the French International Confection trade magazine in Paris.
We have created ten videos.
We have received three Video Industry Awards.
Designed three Rolls Royce Convertible Gifts for the Rich and Famous.
Designed celebrity Gifts for Stephen Spielburg, Frank Sinatra, and many 80’s TV soap shows like Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest and Love Boat.
We are Super Brokers of Fancy Gift packaging for the Who's who in the industry.  We represent 20 Manufacturers and Importers.

We offer 5000 Gift Packaging Supplies to the Who's Who of the Gift packaging Industry. We are National Distributors for the following Nationally known companies; Berwick Offray, Continential Cello Bags, Heat Sealing Corp. Longhorn Imports, Magnificent Packaging, Packaging Films and Equip., Sunrise Packaging, Titan Digital, Presentations Packaging, Willow Specialties, US Box, DTC Inc., Bashish Industries, Packaging Professionals, Pro-Pack, and Stirling PacKco. We are the Gift Packaging Industry Experts!

Shrink Film Packaging Starter Kit
Here is a Professional Shrink Film Bag Maker and Heat Gun Gift Packaging Starter Kit that will get you off on the right foot with your New Business. With this you can wrap anything and we mean anything.
1 Hi-Temp Heat Gun( not a hair dryer) with heavy duty Heat Element $49.95
1 - 6" Cello & Shrink Film Bag Maker Heat Sealer $99.95
1 Roll of Best quality Shrink Film 500’ x 22" Centerfold 100 gauge $82.89


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Your Dream can become a Reality:
If it’s going to come true, it’s up to you!


Spend some time on this site and you will realize that no one in the Industry has the credentials and the Gift Basket Business Sales & Marketing expertise of the Thomas Catanese Co. Owning your own business is hard work but what you create is yours. If that is what you want, we can help you with your goal. We have been down that road for 40 years, so don’t try to re-invent the wheel, it’s been done a long time ago. We can help you jump over three years of searching for solutions, inside Industry information and trade secrets. Plus, we can save you from many newcomer mistakes that will cost you money. Lay the foundation of your Business professionally and you will succeed with your Goals, because we are the Industries Sales & Marketing Experts that can make Your Dreams come true!.

For more details, contact us & ask for a phone appointment with Mr. Catanese:

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