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Corporate Golf Cart Sales
And Marketing Charity Fundraiser
How-To Video

Video #890/30 - $99.95 + 6.50 S&H

People ask me all the time, How can I beat my competition to the corporate account?

I say, its simple, go beyond the ordinary. Show corporate America in your market area that you can do things that other companies can't do! If you want to be the leader of the game, this concept willl make you the leader of the parade.

What will this concept do for you?

Meet new corporate customers
Show new customers your best work and in loving color
Gives you tones of free publicity... Newspapers... TV... Media
Shows your creativity to all who addent the charity golf outing
Neworking with business cards at the time of the outing and the dinner

Here's what you will receive

1. Detailed Market plan and Time Frame Profile

2. Publicity and Media Plan

3. Planning Sequence

4. How to line up corporate clients

5. 30 minute step by step video

6. Photo Sequence step by step

7. Follow Up Plan


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Corporate Golf Cart Sales & Marketing Charity Fundraiser How to Video
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Tom Catanese and Company, P.O. Box 633, Blue Bell, PA 19422

Fax to: 484-322-0717




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