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Godiva Chocolatier
Harry & David
Int, Fancy Food Show
Chocolate University
Giftware Ind. Editor
Phila. Nat. Candy Show
Liquore Store Owner
Major Basket Retailer
Int. French Expo.
Specialty Food Retailer

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Telley Video Award

home based gift basket business
French Chocolate Magazine

NYC Javits Seminar
825 Attendees

Tom Catanese - Gift Basket Expert and Gift Basket Consultant
Chairman of the
Board Gift
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Tom Catanese - Gift Creation Designer

Awarded Gold Medal
Carnegie Hall
Lifetime Achievement


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If you want to start your own Gift Business you will need an expert!

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From the Desk of Tom Catanese

You are about to invest your hard earned cash into a business that you have very little knowledge of. Oh yes, your baskets are BEAUTIFUL! But the Gift Basket Business is more than just Beautiful Baskets. Please don't think that you will simply go out and hit the Industrial Park and be a great success... If you think that, you will get what I call a lot of BLOODY NOOOS! I have been a Sales and Marketing Expert for over 40 years in the Business and I can help you jump over 4 years of costly mistakes lost investment money and a lot of past hind sight crying. Business Experts understand that even Experts need Experts once they step outside of their industries. Two hours with me will save you lots of Money!

Tom Catanese has created an impressive body of work since 1967 that no one in the Gift Industry can match. When Gift Basket Review Magazine was starting up in 1991, Tom had already presented 40 Gift Basket Symposiums across the US and in Europe. Listed below are the major Symposiums he has presented.

  • Presented 94 Gift Basket University Symposiums
  • Louisville Gift Show
  • 7 International Fancy Food & Confection Shows
  • Harry and David, Medford, Oregon
  • Godiva Chocolatier Convention
  • Walt Disney World, Grand Floridian Hotel
  • 10 Symposiums for the Phila. National Candy & Gift Shows
  • Hickory Farms of Ohio, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Rocky Mt. Chocolate Shops Convention
  • 3 Symposiums for the Dallas World Trade Mart
  • Orlando Gift Show
  • Chicago Gift Show
  • New York Gift Show
  • Boston Gift Show
  • San Francisco Gourmet Show
  • Los Angeles Gift Show
  • Las Vegas Hotel Amenities Seminar
  • Denver Gift Show
  • Malley�s Chocolate University
  • Teleflora Convention
  • FTD Convention
  • New Orleans Gift Show
  • The Washington International Fancy Food Show
  • British Food & Drink Expo, London
  • The International French Fancy Confection Show, Paris
  • London Giftware Symposium, Ritz Hotel
  • 3 National Package Store Conventions
  • San Francisco International Fancy Food Show
  • New York Metro Wine & Spirit Show
  • Napa Valley Wine Gift Basket Symposium
  • Columbus Gift Show
To see over 130 gift basket designs, click on Gift Basket Gallery

His largest Symposium was at the International Fancy Food and Confection Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York. Over 825 Gift Basket retailers attended.

  • Presented five Hotel Room Service Gift Basket and Hotel Amenities Gift Basket Seminars
  • The San Francisco Room Service and Amenities Seminar
  • The Fairmount Hotel- Knob Hill
  • The Aspen Room Service and Gift Basket Amenities Seminar
  • The Jerome Hotel, Aspen Co.
  • The New Orleans Gift Basket Amenities Hotel Seminar
  • The Marriott Hotel- French Quarter
  • The Paris Gift Packaging, Room Service and Hospitality Symposium
  • The Ritz Hotel � Paris
  • The London Gift Basket Hospitality and Amenities Symposium
  • The Ritz Hotel � Piccadilly Square

Google and Yahoo rank us #1 for;
Americas Hotel Amenities Gift Basket Expert
and Americas Amenities Gift Basket Guru Expert!

If you are in the Hotel Hospitality Industry then as you review Mr. Catanese�s credentials you will see many Room Service Gifts, Amenity Gifts and Gift Baskets that he has designed over the years for your Industry! In 1993 when the New MGM Hotel was rebuilt he was invited by the Food and Beverage Director to spend 5 days helping the MGM staff get the hotel up and running for the Grand Reopening with their Room Service Gifts! In 1995 he designed the New Hilton Hotel Twin Towers in lower Manhattan! He has been designing Room Service and Hotel Amenities Gifts for over 25 years!

Listed below are many of my areas of expertise with which I can help you.

Business Plan Format
Trade magazines
Fancy Food and Candy Suppliers
Goal Setting
Sales/Marketing Expert
Markup Percentages
Product Presentation
Gift Construction
Packaging Films / Equipment
Delivery / Mail Order
Trade Suppliers
Gift & Trade Shows
Basket Suppliers
Home Based Business / Storefront
Purchasing / Administration
Data Base / Computer Accounting
Advertising / Promotion
Gift Design / Creation
Catalog / Brochures / Business Cards
Dynamics of you

If you would like me to present my ten hour Gift Basket Sales and Marketing Symposium to you in your den with coffee and friends then click on my Award Winning Videos button and order my DVD videos today and you will see what I presented to the Paris and London Symposium attendees. The great advantage of the videos is that you can rewind any time you want! You can't do that at a standard Seminar! These videos will show you how I create Gifts for the Rich and Famous! There are 178 Trade Secrets and 25 How-To Gift Baskets!

Review my credentials because they surpass all others in the Industry and call me for a free 10 minute interview.

Click on 40 Years of Credential's

Let me tell you how I can help you!
One Hour Fee to $95

Private Consulting & Mentoring
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Two Hours
$89 / $178.00 per hour

Private Consulting & Mentoring
15 Minute Free Interview
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We discuss the 6 Key Topics
We target special interests

10 Top Trade Secrets
Formalized Business Plan

Helping you make more money is my goal

Helping you jump over your first years problems is my job!

Here are Comments from the Industry Leaders about past Symposium and Seminars.

Dear Tom

You truly are America's Gift Basket Guru. Our students are always amazed at your Gift Basket magic here at our Chocolate University. You always have great chocolate imagination

Adele Malley,
Dean of the Chocolate University in Cleveland, OH

Tom, by accident I just happened to walk past the Hotel Ballroom during your symposium on Monday morning and stood in the back of the room. Your dynamic presentation was fantastic. I can now see why the big corporate people pay you big bucks for your expertise in the industry.

Jack Lees,
Pres. Phila National Candy and Gift Show

Dear Tom
Our Senior Management staff
is very happy with the changes
that you have helped us with
for our High Roller Amenity
Client�s! You�re Gift Packaging
Expertise and Idea�s have really
Improved our Room Service
Thanks so much!

Domenic Parisi
Food Service Dir.
Las Vegas Hilton

Dear Tom,

We have sold thousands of Gift Baskets because of your Symposiums. You opened a new profit door for us. Thank you soo much.

Reuben Kogut,
Reuben's Bottle Shop,
Austin Tx


Your seminar at our convention was rated the best.


Peter Clark, National Director of Retail
Merchandising Godiva Chocolatier


Your seminar at our plant was a great success. My people were electrified by your energy and creativity

Carmine Petretto,
Creative Dir. Harry and David
Medford, OR

Dear Tom,

My congratulations again on another record breaking seminar at the Javits Convention Center. 825 people rated your presentation at 94 out of 100 points.

John Roberts,
President, International Fancy Food and Confection Shows.

Dear Tom,

Your two standing room only Gift Basket seminars at the California Gift Show were fantastic. I heard one women say, "this is the beset seminar I've ever attended, I really got my monies worth this time."

Tony DiMasi
Editor, Giftware news magazine

Dear Mr. Catanese,

Our board of governors and directors would like to officially thank you for your outstanding symposium at our International Confection and Wine Exposition. Your presentation and creativity were rated excellent by the attendees. Thank you for bring your energy to France.

Guy Urban Dir. Universite D' intersuc Exposition, Paris France

Industry Leaders who have attended his Seminars and Symposiums have called him the Gift Business Doctor!
He has been presenting Giftware Sales and Marketing Programs since 1977! What he does is to take a business in trouble and open them up to NEW and Re-DO Business Concepts that many overlook! He can take a old Business that has been operating in the RED and help them get back in the BLACK! That is why they call him the Industry Giftware Business Doctor!

Room Service Gift Baskets - Hotel Hospitality Amenity Gift Baskets Today, your clients are expecting more in their In-Room Gift Basket and Gift Amenities product line! If you are still using Stretch Wrap on your Gifts then you may need our help to take you to a new Design and New Presentations for your well traveled guest! If your High Profile guest�s are used to only the best then don�t disappoint them with a Welcome Gift that appears to be second class! Shown below are some of the Gifts that Mr. Catanese has designed for many of his clients across the country! We will be happy to send you samples of our products that will turn your Amenities in Glorious Gifts of Rodeo Dr. or Worth Ave.

If you have any questions about our product line please contact us at:

Website: www.ThomasCatanese.Com

E-mail us at:

Thomas, 324 Knoll Rd., Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462




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