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Thomas Catanese presented his first Canadian seminar in Toronto.

Also in 1992, the Intl Fancy Fancy Food Show invited him to present a Gift Basket Symposium at the Javits Center in New York for the Summer show ~ 850 people attended. That was the single largest Gift Basket seminar attendance of record. Designed 25 New Chocolate and Confection Gift Basket designs for industry Subsequently in ’92, he created many Room Service Gifts for MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Hilton and many of the Disney World Hotels and other hotel hospitality companies.

In August of 1992, Godiva Chocolatier invited him to present my Gift Basket Seminar at their Sales Convention in Turnberry Island, Fl.
Presented National Seminars for Industry Corporations such as Rocky Mt Chocolate Factory, Las Vegas, and the Wine & Spirit Guild in Hawaii.

Designed 40 New wine and Spirit Gift Basket designs for industry retailers


Presented the Orlando Gift Basket Seminar, and a Disney World Seminar at the Grand Floridian Hotel. This was his 57th Gift Basket Program. Also did a Gift Basket & Design Show 2-hr video in Los Angeles 3 days after the Earthquake that year.

Designed 30 New Room Service and Amenities gifts for Hotel Industry.

In September, presented first Room Service Hospitality Seminar at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas for the Hotel Industry. Market Watch article, “Gift Basket Guru”; also in Wine & Spirit, “Gift Baskets for Fun & Profit, Mostly Profit”. Also in

September: Presented Gift Basket Seminar to Intl Specialty Food Show at the New Orleans Convention Center
Presented Gift Basket Seminar to the New York City Gift Packaging & Marketing Symposium at the Sheraton Hotel before the New York Gift Show


The International Specialty Food Hot ‘n Spicy Show invited him to New Orleans to present a Gift Basket Service Seminar. Designed 35 New Specialty Food and Condiment Gift Baskets

January: 54th National Candy & Gourmet Show in Valley Forge, PA Chocolate Seminar
March: Gift Basket Seminar for Harry & David Staff in Medford, OR
April: Gift Basket Seminar at Walt Disney Florist in Lake Buena Vista, FL June: Exhibited at the 45th Annual Fancy Food Show in Philadelphia
September: Presented my 63rd Gift Basket seminar in New Orleans at the Intl Fancy Specialty Food Show
Oct. Presented with the TELLY Gold Statue Video Award



April: Presented 2nd Gift Packaging & Symposium in Paris for the Gift Basket Industry at the Hotel RitzMay: Presented Gift Basket Seminar & Symposium in London for the Gift Basket Industry at the Hotel Ritz

In March, was presented at Carnegie Hall in New York with the American Institute Gold Medal Award for my body of work in the Industry since 1967. Presented with THE VIDEO COMMUNICATOR Crystal Award. Created 35 New Gift Basket Design ideas for industry retailers. Presented my 6th Gift Basket Services Presentation to the Chocolate & Confection Industry at the Philadelphia National Candy & Gift Show. The program was titled “New Concept Gift Baskets for the 21st Century”. 200 attendees were in the audience.

To date Catanese's body of work & creation in the Industry totals 600 original designs covering 7 different industries since 1967.
In February, presented gifts for the Rich & Famous Seminar to the Intl Fancy Food attendees in San Francisco Sponsored by the NASFT. The Seminar was titled: How To Capture Corporate America’s Gift Basket Sale in Your Hometown. Presented with THE VIDEOGRAPHER CLAPBOARD award for best two hour video. Created 50 New Gift Basket Designs and Ideas. The Seminar in San Francisco was so well received that he was invited to present the same program in New York at the Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center , the attendance 350 people.
Created 40 New Gift Basket design ideas and new accent packaging to the gift basket industry.

My Partner of 19 years passed away. I sold my half of the company to his family and became a National Broker for 10 Gift Packaging Manufacturers
Designed and created a Golf Cart For Local Charity, this was my 5th Golf Cart




Working on his 3rd Rolls Royce Gift to be used in a Nationally televised event later in the year. Creating lots of low cost, low profile, trash to treasure gift ideas.

Sept 16th- 76th Giftbasket University Symposium held in Philadelphia

Designed and created 35 New Giftware, Soap and Fragrance and Perfume Designs.

Nov 16th- 77th Giftbasket University Symposium held in Philadelphia


May 18 Presenting a 5 hour Gift Basket Business Seminar at the Famous Malley's Chocolate School of Merchandising in Cleveland, Ohio. Call for information
June 29-Jul 1 International Fancy Food And Confection Show, Jacob Javits Convention Center. NYC 610-277-6230
Aug 9 -14 International Gift Fair. (New York Gift Show) Jacob Javits Convention Center,. NYC
Sept. 14 - 16 Phila. National Candy, Gourmet and Gift Show. Valley Forge Convention Center, King of Prussia, PA
Nov. 8 - 11 International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show. Jacob Javits Convention Center. NYC

We are all a work in progress and Tom continues to do his best to contribute to the history of the Gift Basket Business. There are many other designers & companies who have made a contribution to the industry, and Tom salutes their efforts in making it a more creative, enjoyable and profitable industry for all concerned. Catanese see the growth of the Industry simply getting stronger year after year. If you’re not in the Industry, then jump on board. There is plenty of room for you and your ideas.

Tom Catanese

Phila. National Candy, Gift and Gourmet Show Presented 85 National Chocolate Gift Creation Seminar
Valley Forge Convention Center, Valley Forge, PA How to Capture Corporate America’s Gift Business
in your Home Town 120 mniute 150 attendees!

Creation of 50 New Gift Baskets and Gift Creations for the up coming International Fancy Food and Confection Show At Mc Cormick Place, Chicago, IL

Created Golf Cart Gift for National Charity in Cincinnati, Ohio With local Gift Basket and Specialty Food Retailer! Helped raise over $2500.

Designed and created New Sports Licensed Gift Creations for Male Sports fans. Displayed at the New York International Fancy Food and Confection Show, Javit’s Convention Center, New York

Introduced at the Phila. National Candy Christmas Trade Show, New Fancy Ribbon Stretch Loops to the Confection Industries that can Gift Wrap a Box of Chocolates in 5 seconds.

Designed 6’ Gift for Ellen De Generos in Hollywood with DVD placed inside so that she could view all her friends celebrating her Birthday Party 3000 miles away in New York City. The Gift held over 60 lbs of Chocolates the Gift sold for $2500.

Presented New Floral Gift Creations Seminar for the Ohio Short Course, Columbus, Ohio. Over 35 Gifts on display which included many with Roses, Flowers, Tropical Plants.

Designed 30 New Gifts for the American Male and the Sports Fan using many new Licensed Major league Sports products.

Exhibited at our 72nd Phila. National Candy, Gift and Gourmet Show and our exhibited at our 50th International Fancy Food and Confection Show.

Created complete Wine Cellar in a Wicker Chair for the man who has everything and wants more of it. Price tag, $495.

Hosted 150th National 2 hour conference call for New Business person starting their own Gift Business.

Designed and Created New Super Bowl Centerpiece for Super Bowl Parties across the country for Phila Eagles Football team!

Designed 5 different $400. Gift Baskets for Desperate House Wives Gifts for ABC TV show in Hollywood.

Presented first National Sports League Licensed Gift Creation Symposium For the Philadelphia National Candy Gift and Gourmet Shop in Atlantic City. Jan. 9th, 2006

Designed New Super Bowl Party centerpiece for Pittsburg Steelers Team in the Superbowl.

Presente New Seminar for the Phila. Flower Show, Penna. Convention Center. Celebrating your Life with Wine and Roses. First of it’s kind, never presented Before!

July 9-11 International Fancy Food & Confection Trade Show, Javit’s Convention Center. New York City.

PHila. Nat. Candy, Gift and Gourmet Show, Sept. 10th 11, 12th, 2006, Atlantic City NJ New location for the Show!

Jan. 2006
Introduced the Concept of Licensed Sports Gifts for the Football, Baseball, Basket, Gold Hockey, NASCAR sports industries! Introduced new Gifts for the Real Estate, Auto Dealership and Banking Industries!
Jan. 7-9 Phila. National Candy and Gourmet Gift Show
Atlantic City Convention Center,
300 Candy and Confection and Treats companies
Thomas Catanese.Com Gift Basket Seminar
Jan. 27–29 International Fancy Food and Confection Show
Moscone Hall, San Francisco, Ca
Over 1500 Exhibitors
Feb.25 FTD-Northeast Floral Industry Expo/ Hartford, CT
Design Show and Trade Fair
Thomas Catanese.Com presents
National Gift Basket Seminar on
Licensed Sports Gifts for the Male Corporate buyer!
Mar. 23-24 California Market Center Gift Basket Symposium, LA Cal.
Thomas presents
How to Capture Corporate America’s Gift Basket Business All Year Round!
May 6-8 International Fancy Food and Confection Show
Mc Cormick Hall, Chicago, IL
Over 1000 Fancy Food Exhibitors
July 8-10 International Fancy Food and Confection Show
Javits Convention Center, New York, NY
2500 Fancy Food and Confection Exhibitors
Booth 1881, In Booth Celebrity Gift Seminar
Sept. 9-11 Phila. National Candy, Gourmet and Gift Show
Atlantic City Convention Center,
Over 300 Exhibitors of Candy and Confection Treats
April 27- 29 Global Food & Style Expo, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
June 18–24 Dallas Market Center, Gift Show, Dallas, TX
June 19-23 RCI National Chocolate Makers Convention and Trade Show,
Minneapolis, MN. Retail Confectioners International,
Members only Conventions,
June 23 Thomas Catanese, RCI Seminar: Defending Your Markets
from Internet and National Brand Name Companies who
Steal You’re Holiday Sales away from You!
June 29- July 1st International Fancy Foods and Confection Show Javits Convention Center, New York. 2500 Exhibitors Over 25,000 visitors
July 18–21 California Gift Show, Los Angeles, CA Calif. Convention Ctr.
Aug.16 -21 New York International Gift Fair,
Javit’s Conv. Ctr, New York 2500 exhibitors
Sept. 7-9 Phila. National Candy Gift & Gourmet Show
Atlantic City, NJ
Sept.21 23 American Bakery Expo, Atlantic City Conv. Ctr.
International Fancy Food Show - Moscone Hall, San Francisco, CA Feb.1 -3 2009
Invited to sit in on Gourmet Magazine Gift Basket Seminar with four other retailers to discuss Do's & Don'ts of the Industry!
Candy Business Magazine presents its third article on Tom Catanese and How Sweet it is! The Chocolate Business!
Thomas Catanese writes script for Mondavi, the Man, the Wine, the World, the life story of Americas Wine legend, Robert Mondavi of Napa Valley!

Candy Business Mag - Download PDF
Las Vegas Hilton Hotel accepts our Gift Basket Amenities Design proposal for high rollers gifts!
May 25 - 27 - Nat. Hotel Conference
Presented Hotel Hospitably Room Service Seminar at Mirage Hotel for leading Las Vegas Hotels!
Fancy Food Mag. does brief article on Snack and Treat Baskets!
Created Wine and Spirit Article for industry Retailers!
Int . Fancy Food and Confection Show, Javits Convention Center NYC Food Channel tapes program!

Thomas Catanese Wine Gift Basket White Paper! - Download PDF
ThomasCatanese.Com celebrates its 45th year Anniversary in NYC
Private Dinner for VIP clients at Rainbow Room atop the Rockefeller Building! Used giant Champagne Bottles topped with Balloons and flowers! pioneered shrink film packaging in 1967 to the Wine, Fancy Food and Chocolate Industries!
Introduced the 6" Jaw small Heat Sealer!
Introduced the first Magic Wand Heat Sealer bag maker!
Introduced the first Domed Shrink Bag to the trade!
Introduced the first Pull Bow to the trade!
Designed Hollywood Cast Party Celebrity Gifts, Dynast, Love Boat, Dallas and ET Movies
Created first Rolls Royce Gift ever created!

Thomas Catanese pens article on the 12 Deadly Sins of the Mature Business Owner! the article is sent off to over 2,000 retailers by e-mail!

Thomas Catanese's 12 Deadly Sins article! - Download PDF
Thomas Catanese, presents 104th Gift Basket Fund Raiser Seminar in Plymouth Meeting, PA

Save Our Children's Future Gift Basket Fund Raiser Seminar - Download PDF




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