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Understanding the Golf Cart Charity Gift Concept

If you want to capture Corporate Sales in your hometown get involved in Community Charity at the highest levels. Because that is where the money is in your community. Without spending more than $25 on each affair I will show you how to get huge amounts of publicity in front of all the Corporate Executives you could ever wish for. So let me review the concept. If you want to meet Corporate America in your hometown, you will find them on the Golf Course. You say you don't play Golf! You don't have too. All you need to do is volunteer your time and talent skillfully.

Question, How do I, a Gift Basket Retailer get my foot in the Corporate door?
Answer, They will not let you in the front door. So go around to the back door, it's not guarded.
Question, How do I get in the back door?
Answer, Create a Giant Golf Cart Gift and parade it in front of the Corporate types at the local Country Club at a Charity Golf outing.

Question, How much is that going to cost me for this fantastic Gift?
Answer, Can you afford $25? and 6 and 8 hours of your time.

Question, Where will I get the Golf Cart?
Answer, The local Country Club has over 150 at the Golf Course, you only need one. The Golf Cart will only act as a giant basket to hold all the donated products that will be raffled off by the committee to help increase the funding for the groups functions for the year.

Question, Why would the Country Club give me a golf cart to do this?
Answer, Because, the outing committee is renting the entire Golf Course for the day. The cart is not to be raffled off. It will be emptied and giving back the club. The Cart will not leave the course at any time.

Question, Who is going to pay for all the gifts inside the cart?
Answer, Not you, it's the outing committees and local merchants responsibility to provide you with 20 to 25 Products, Services and Gift Certificates that will go into the cart and will be raffled off after the Trophy Awards Dinner. The merchants who donate these products want their names mentioned as a supporting value to the outing.

Question, Where are all the Corporate Executives that I want to sell my baskets too?
Answer, They are in their offices and they also go the Golf outings which are held by Community Civic Groups like the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the local Hospitals, and the Lions club.

Question, How much we I have to donate to this Charity?
Answer, Your out of pocket expense will be about $25. for ribbons, and press on letters. That's for your name on the Ribbon banner that will be spread across the cart so everyone can see who created it. Plus a few rolls of gift wrap. You will have to donate your time, maybe 6 to 8 hours, half of that will be at the committee meetings, meeting the board of directors of the outing. It's your creativity and talent you want to sell, but remember that is the way you will show case your creative skills and products.

Question, What is your Goal here?
Answer, To become the chairperson for the creation of the Golf Cart gift that should raise about $800. to $1000. in no cost funding for the committee. Included in the Sales Book will be a color photograph of the Golf Cart filled to over flowing with the raffled products. This will be your show and sell presentation at the committee meeting. If you want to meet the Corporate trade in your community, here is where it will all begin.

Question, Where will I create the Golf Cart Gift?
Answer, At the Country Club on the First Tee, that's where everyone who plays that day must come by. In this way they will see you creating this never before seen Golf Cart Gift and they will want to know all about it.

Question, How will I benefit from all of this?
Answer, You should be the talk of the outing by the committee people. You will take photos of the committee people and you next to the Golf Cart, which could go into the local newspaper for all your community to see. You will have the chance to work the dinner crowd by going table to table exchanging business cards and introducing your self to all the Corporate types at the tables. And don't be bashful; this is what you have been wanting to do. But remember to do it in good taste, so dress for the occasion.

Question, What do I do with the 75 business cards I get at the outing dinner?
Answer; Place them in your database for future mailings. Select the top 15 cards that are the best and send them off a letter as a follow up to the outing with one photo of the Golf Cart and your brochure. Now, they will know who you are and that if you can create a Golf Cart Gift they must assume you can do anything.

Question, How many outings should I do a year?
Answer, Three to begin with, maybe four. If you do four than you will have met almost every Corporate Executive in your Community. Now watch your business grow. And all of this for a $100. Cost value.

The Sales and Marketing How-To Book

This book lays out the entire plan in a time line profile. It includes the color photograph of the Golf Cart
plus all the, How To, When To, Who To, Where To, What To, and the step by step lay out of the actual creating the Golf Cart gift and all the needed accessories. The book will answer all the your questions and lays out the entire plan in an easy 1, 2, 3, 4 sequence. If you have questions, Call us today at 61--277-6230. Now is the time to act, because others will see this offer and they will act also. So please visit our website at and click on the Golf Cart button and fill out the order form. It's as simply as that.

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